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Wessington, SD 57381
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  • Kleinsasser Family Moves to Wessington

    LaVerne & Lorraine move their family of 6 to Wessington, SD. Vern Starts a Blacksmith Shop. His goal was to build a business that could provide for his growing family, and provide repair services for the Wessington area. The original shop was located uptown Wessington, and was respectfully named “The Wessington Blacksmith Shop”

  • From Blacksmith to Manufacturer – A Legacy is Born

    A new building is erected in Hand County, Just on the west edge of Wessington. Business renamed Vern’s Manufacturing. Business shifts from just repairs to the manufacturing of cattle gates and corral panes.

  • Fire takes it all!

    The morning of Thursday,  October 21st, 1976 a fire breaks out inside the manufacturing facility. Despite best efforts, the building and all equipment inside is lost. Thankfully no one was hurt.

  • A Community Effort

    After the devastation of the fire that took the Verns Building, the community pulled together in a big way. By December, just 7 weeks after the fire, a new facility was completed. This building boasted a 50′ X 160′ 8,000 SQ. FT. Work Area, also attached was a 24′ X 36′ Office space and an Employee Lounge & Rest Room. Also built was a 32′ X 40′ Paint Building just a short walk across the yard away.


    By the Spring of 1980 Trailer production was steady. A place to paint said trailers was in high demand. An additional building was added to the property to accommodate the trailer painting. At the same time the main building was added onto for materials storage. Fun Fact: Vern’s Green comes from many of our products being used for 4-H!

  • Opportunity Grows in Wessington

    Between 1993 and 1994 things grew. Our product line increased, and the demand for work space and workers was higher than ever. A 12,000 SQ FT manufacturing shop is added to the property. This retired the former 8000 SQ FT Facility from production and allowed it to become a materials warehouse and repair shop. Additions were also made to the office and paint building during this time.


    Summer of 2002 brought a need for even more room to paint final products. A 12,000 SQ FT Facility was built for the sole purpose of Washing/Drying products. It was also of course for painting them that classic Green color everyone recognizes!

  • We’re not in Kansas Toto

    August 2011, the exact date is hard to recall. Straight-line wind heavily damages the main 1976 building used for warehouse and repair. The winds also damage the office section of the buildings. Damaged beyond repair, the building is torn down and new buildings start to take shape. A temporary office and storage building is quickly built across the road while the main building is constructed. Fun Fact – The temporary building resides in beadle county, unlike the rest of the facility which is in hand county. This build is often referred to by those who know it, as the “Beadle Co. Building”

  • New Beginning – Again

    For the second time in history, operations are moved back into the main office, warehouse and repair building, following completion of construction. The team is very happy to have a new and up to date space. We hope it’s out last building built due to natural disaster.


    2014 Marks 50 years for Vern’s MFG in Wessington, SD. Priding ourselves on the accomplishments we’ve achieved. Loving the family we became, and grateful for the community we serve! We can’t thank our employees and customers enough!

  • Leaving a digital Footprint

    Late 2018 it’s decided that a new approach to modern technology is needed. Partnered with J&W Marketing Vern’s commissions a website built to bring their products, customers, and dealer closer than ever before! The Website is completed and Launched Late Feb. 2019 and boasts this fancy new time line you’ve been reading along with a live feed from our instagram. Not to mention direct links to our Facebook, and youtube accounts!